Teeth Whitening



- please come to your appointment with clean teeth. 

- if you would like to brush your teeth before your appointment please bring your own tooth paste and tooth brush and arrive at least 5 minutes earlier to your appointment.


-Teeth will continue to brighten for 24 hours post treatment.

-Be careful of foods and drinks with lots of colouring (ie blueberries) and do not consume for 24 hours post treatment.

-Rinsing after meals and drinks is reccomended for the first 24 hours.

-If sensitivity occurs take tylenol/advil and coat (not brush) the teeth with toothpaste.

-Do NOT brush or use mouthwash for the first 12 hours after your treatment. The bristles of the brush will be too abrasive for the dehydrated enamel and mouthwash will stain the whitening process.

KEEP IN MIND, some teeth have natural markings in them, the whitening will enhance that for the first 24 hours, but they will settle back into their normal colour once the teeth have been rehydrated (24 hours).