teeth whitening f.a.q


What is teeth brightening?

Teeth Brightening is a cosmetic service done to brighten the teeth to their natural whiteness by using a Gel formula and LED light to lift surface stains.

How long will my results last?

Results typically last 3-6 months depending on teeth structure and oral habits.

How many sessions will I need?

For neutral to moderate staining only one appointment is needed. The initial appointment is 1 hour and us broken up into 3 rounds (15 minutes each) In some cases with heavy staining additional rounds may be needed. (typically smokers and coffee/red wine drinkers require additional rounds)

How much of a difference will I see?

typically we see 2-12 shades brighter. however each client is different and their level of staining is always different. clients with stronger enamel will see less of a result then someone with weaker enamel, this is because the gel solution will have a harder time penetrating the tooth to get to the deep stain.

I have naturally yellower teeth, can this help me?

The teeth brightening gel can ONLY lift stains caused by poor oral hygiene and staining foods. The solution will brighten to your natural tooth colour.

Does it hurt?

whitening will not hurt your teeth, If you already have sensitive teeth this will not increase your sensitivity. Remineralizer applied after treatment coats and protects the teeth after the appointment to prevent sensitivity.  


I have crowns/ veneers /fillings on my front teeth, can i still whiten?

Yes! Although restorations cannot be whitened like natural teeth, they do accumulate surface stains that can be removed by whitening. 

Can you whiten dentures?

No unfortunately dentures are the only restorations that cannot be whitened.

I'm due for a dental cleaning, What should I do?

We recommend you go to your cleaning or any other dental appointments before any whitening service. The cleaning will help lift surface stains and remove any plaque that may get in the way of the whitening service.