Nail Pre-care

We offer many color options of gel polish so if you feel you may want more time to view your options please arrive a few minutes early for your appointment to allow you more time to decide. For best quality nail enhancement it is advised to grow the nail until a free edge has formed. Please inform the nail technician on what product is currently on your nail and if a removal is necessary. There is no need

to alter your cuticles in any way as that is part of the service provided. Please ensure that if you have cuts or open wounds that could come in to direct contact with your nail tech or products it is advised that you let them heal before attending your appointment. It is advised that you take your work/ activity level in to consideration when deciding on a nail length.

nail aftercare

In order to maintain the integrity of your nail enhancement it is advised that you regularly apply cuticle oil to keep the skin around the nail bed soft and supple. This will prevent hang nails and split cuticles. It would be wise to invest in a nail brush in order to clean the underside of the nail when washing your hands, this will prevent a build up of dirt and bacteria. If you decide that you no longer want the nail enhancements please ensure that you schedule an appointment to have the artificial nail removed professionally in order to maintain the quality and integrity of your natural nail. DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF.