Nail F.a.q


What are Gel nails?

Unlike acrylic which is created using a liquid monomer and polymer powder, hard gel is a thick, syrup like product that cures under UV light to harden. Gel is just as strong and durable as acrylic and it can be used for a fill over any existing acrylic extensions. Do not be fooled by salons offering gel that is powder and liquid. “Powder gel” does not exist, you are still receiving an acrylic service!

What are Gel-X nails?

Gel-X is a revolutionary soft gel nail extension system that gives you the look and feel of acrylic or hard gel, but with a quick soak off removal and no damage to the natural nail. This product is soaked off and then reapplied instead of requiring regular fills.

Why should I chose Gel-X over hard Gel?

Gel-X gives you the option to completely change your nail shape and length at each appointment. The easy soak off removal means there is no long-term commitment if you’d like to have long nails for only a special occasion or vacation. This gel system is very gentle on the nails and keeps integrity of your nail intact.

How long does Gel-X last?

Similar to acrylic or hard gel, the Gel-X will last roughly 2-3 weeks. Of course everybody’s nails can last a different amount of time due to lifestyle and the condition of the natural nails. 

What is Dip powder and why do you use it?

Kiara Sky Dip powder is a fine powder made up of vitamins, calcium and a small percentage of acrylates. A series of glazes are used instead of monomer to seal and harden the powder. Dip powder is a great alternative to traditional acrylic because you get the look of acrylic without the damage to the natural nail or the heavy feel.  This Dip Powder is also cruelty free.

How often should I get a Gel or Dip Powder fill?

It is recommended that you get a fill for either Gel or Dip powder every 2 weeks. Lifting and breakage is caused by many different things, including lifestyle and natural nail quality. Leaving a fill too long greatly increases the chances of these problems.